About Us

About Creasol Investment S.L.®

Creasol Investment S.L.® has been established in March 2018 in Malaga. The Company markets and delivers natural and healthy products to its customers with exceptional services through its world-class suppliers, team and a flight of capabilities.

The suppliers (Dardanel ®, Sierra Cantabria ®, Almaoliva Vina de Fuentes ®) and products Creasol Investment S.L. represents are either best-in-class or a strong challenger that have pride and passionate love for what they do.
The Company’s product portfolio includes unique products from wine to sea food, fresh grab-and-go choices to a healthy selection of nuts… all with a unique competitive advantage for the reseller.

Creasol Investment S.L. also partners in an affiliate property investment site with its own dedicated team and resources named www.paraisomundo.com as it represents several luxury real estate development projects in Spain as authorized sales agent.

30 years+

A flight of Capabilities

Having had 30 years + hands-on experience in different industries, the management team has an inherent ability of looking at a product or a supplier through the eyes of retailors and customers. The suppliers and products they represent are best-in-class or a strong challenger that have pride and passionate love for what they do.

High quality

How we select our Suppliers

Creasol will only sell high quality products either with a specific competitive advantage or a passion that is noticeably reflected to the quality of the product itself.


Pride and passionate love

Creasol is committed to working only with suppliers who have pride and passionate love for their products, a genuine promise to give the customers what they want and need and have a commitment to the environment whether that is growing organically, using biodynamics or simple sustainable practices.

Why clients choose us

  • Private label capability on a wide range of products

  • Easy and fast selling products that are consumed regularly as part of consumer’s essential buying habits

  • A qualified supplier base that can complement promotional peaks and EDLP strategy

  • A supplier base with all relevant international quality / environmental / manufacturing certifications and verified legal / financial compliance

  • A product portfolio with high margins for the reseller yet still affordable prices for the consumers

  • Product variety complementing good-better-best ranging decisions

  • Packaging flexibility with shelve-ready options, flexible off-fixture displays

  • And peace of mind for the buyer that we, at Crea Sol, look at a product and supplier with a retailer’s and a customer’s eye

Our products

Sierra Cantabria, Spain



Since 1870, a period spanning five generations, the family has been dedicated to the cultivation of vines and the production and ageing of the best wines of La Rioja.

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olive oil
Garrocho, Spain

Olive Oil


The second generation of the Garrocho family launches three premium varieties of extra virgin olive oils after an extended experience in the sector of olive tree plantations and high-quality…

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ready to eat
Canakkale, Turkey

Ready-to Eat


NiYAZi öNEN GIDA being among the DARDANEL GROUP of COMPANIES is the leading producer of frozen & chilled seafood items, chilled sandwiches, healthy snacks, dip sauces…

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Duzce, Turkey



Following the recent successful undertakings, Creasol Investment S.L. has a dedicated emphasis on NUTS with private label capabilities including packaging varieties, ranging options…

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