Working with the right suppliers is vitally important to us as we depend on them to help us deliver the products our customers need both on-time and to the quality they expect.

We work with our suppliers to match their innovative capabilities with our customers’ requirements, expecting them to meet ethical and responsible trading standards.

When we meet a potential supplier to qualify, anywhere in the world, we use our collaboration criteria embedded in our DNA over the years. They are:

  • Quality
  • Reliability, keeping commitments
  • Production capacity (Innovation, flexibility, technology)
  • Financial stability & security
  • Price point, value for money
  • Company culture and work environment
  • Environmental foot-print verified with processes and certifications
  • Social responsibility and impact on society
  • Health, Safety, Hygiene standards verified with processes and certification
  • Legal compliance at every pillar of the business
  • What is unique about the product(s) in terms of competitiveness?

If a potential supplier is qualified based on this set of criteria supported by several field visits by us, we then set out a collaboration path with specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) including legal authorization to represent their company and products in different forms whether as an exclusive distributor or authorized sales agent.

We are committed to close collaboration with our suppliers and always look for new opportunities with them whether for a specific brand or private label or contract manufacturing our own brands.

… And finally, you must love what you do in your business to qualify as it is instantly visible during the field visits.


Please Send us your contact details if you wish to include your product(s) in our portfolio.