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Duzce, Turkey


BRC FOOD and IFS FOOD certifications.

Following the recent successful undertakings, Creasol Investment S.L. has a dedicated emphasis on NUTS with private label capabilities including packaging varieties, ranging options (good, better, best), pricing solutions and new product design concepts. The Company can source and deliver a wide variety of nuts and dried fruits from its origin. The range includes Hazelnuts with own-processing plant, walnuts, dried figs, apricots, dates, sultanas, raisins, currants, cranberries, pistachios, pine nuts, almonds, cashews and variety of mixed-dried fruits. The Company manufactures natural raw / roasted hazelnuts and natural raw / roasted granule in bulk volumes in the processing plant located Duzce – Turkey with the following specifications:

Natural raw / roasted Hazelnuts
9-11 mm / 11-13 mm / 14-16 mm
50 kg, 80 kg Juta Bag, Vacuum, Carton Box, 800 kg / 1000 kg Big Bag
Natural raw / roasted Granule
0-12 mm, 0-4 mm, 1-3 mm, 2-4 mm, 3-5 mm, 4-6 mm, 4-8 mm, 5-11 mm, 7-11 mm, 0-10 mm
50 kg, 80 kg Juta Bag, Vacuum, Carton Box, 800 kg / 1000 kg Big Bag

The Factory has been successfully audited and has received BRC FOOD and IFS FOOD certifications.

Sierra Cantabria, Spain



Since 1870, a period spanning five generations, the family has been dedicated to the cultivation of vines and the production and ageing of the best wines of La Rioja. Knowledge accumulated over five generations, together with modern technology, love of vines and production of great wines are the pillars on which the philosophy of the Eguren family is firmly based.

A family who have always had a strong and deep-rooted conviction: “above all, we are grape growers”.

This is something that is shown every day, in the care for the earth and the vines given that great wines are achieved in the vineyard. The result: exclusive wines that are well enjoyed even by the most demanding of palates. In total six wineries, each with their own individual style where quality plays the most significant role, something which we see reflected in the careful selection of the land, the scrupulous care of the vines, the choice of the barrels to be used… All this with the aim of obtaining wines with character, in accordance with the family philosophy and a level of quality that does not disappoint the consumers’ expectations, both nationally and internationally.
The family and their wineries enjoy prestige both in Spain and internationally and have won several distinctions and prizes.


Olive Oil


The second generation of the Garrocho family launches three premium varieties of extra virgin olive oils after an extended experience in the sector of olive tree plantations and high-quality olive oil production. In 1987, the family started their journey both in the livestock farming sector and the breeding of purebred Spanish horses. This was what initiated the creation of this boutique mill. After selling one of their best mares, the family was able to purchase their first olive plantation, called Viña Fuentes. This set the beginning of a great project the family had aimed for, for many years. The Garrocho family owns thousands of hectares of plantations with high quality olive trees in Morón de la Frontera, nearby Seville. They only use the most advanced processes for extracting the most exceptional and selected olive oil. This locality guarantees the ideal conditions for growing and harvesting high-quality olives.

Ready-to Eat


NiYAZi öNEN GIDA being among the DARDANEL GROUP of COMPANIES is the leading producer of frozen & chilled seafood items, chilled sandwiches, healthy snacks, dip sauces and ready meals. Their mission is to offer delicious, healthy and practical food solutions to customers. DARDANEL was founded in 1984 in city of Canakkale, Turkey and the Company was named after Canakkale – Dardanelles. DARDANEL today holds the Dolphin Safe Certificate and is a member of Friend of the Sea.