Garrocho Aceites de Oliva Virgen Extra

The second generation of the Garrocho family launches three premium varieties of extra virgin olive oils after an extended experience in the sector of olive tree plantations and high-quality olive oil production. In 1987, the family started their journey both in the livestock farming sector and the breeding of purebred Spanish horses. This was what impulsed the creation of this boutique of oil mill. After selling one of their best mares, the family was able to purchase their first olive plantation, called Viña Fuentes. This set the beginning of a great project the family had aimed for years. Nowadays, the Garrocho family has thousands of hectares of plantations with high quality olive trees. They only use the most advanced processes for extracting the most exceptional and selected olive oil. All the Garrocho plantations are located in Morón de la Frontera, nearby Seville. This locality guarantees the ideal conditions for growing and harvesting high-quality olives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ARBEQUINA
Extra Virgin Olive Oil MANZANILLA
Extra Virgin Olive Oil MORONA
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Oleicola San Francisco

Oleicola San Francisco founded in 1989, when Manolo Rus and Jose Jimenez decided to embark on the fascinating olive oil world. The small business they have created together with great enthusiasm and limited resources is now a reality and recognized in many international competitions. You can scent a room with their ESSENTIAL OLIVE OIL ARBEQUINA. You will comprehend the passion they have for their product only if you taste.

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​Zade Vital® Natural Nutritional Supplements are manufactured from 111 different plants, fruits and seeds through the cold pressing method, and consist of 507 different products presented in 9 different forms for various uses. Also, in 2014, it achieved to have the “Ministry of Health Registration of Medicinal Product for Human Use” for a traditional herbal medicinal product for the first time in Turkey. Each being a miracle of nature, these plants, fruits and seeds are selected carefully from the four corners of Turkey and the world and undergo quality control through various analyses before the production. The Zade Vital® products are manufactured untouched and free from human error at the Zade Vital® Plants under automatic control under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. There are lots of things to do to lead a healthy and quality life and we are proud to offer the best one to you in this respect.

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Niyazi Önen Gıda, being among the Dardanel Group of Companies, is the leading producer of chilled sandwiches, healthy snacks, dip sauces and ready meals in Turkey. Their mission is to offer delicious, healthy and practical food solutions to customers. The company operates in 2 factories with 12.000 m2 manufacturing area, with the first ever company to produce packaged sandwiches and ready meals in Turkey. All facilities are BRC, GMP, SEDEX, HACCP and ISO 9001 certified with Vegan, Kosher, Halal product offerings available.

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Dardanel Group, founded in 1980, is Turkey’s largest producer of canned tuna & fish, frozen and chilled seafood products and acquires 77% of the domestic value share. Currently exporting to more than 35 countries worldwide, Dardanel is among the leading brands in the seafood category. Dardanel produces premium quality products by respecting sustainable methods in order to deliver the world’s most nutritious source of lean and delicious protein. The company embraces sustainability and traceability as the company culture with deep respects for the nature and the environment. The company is a member of Dolphin Safe and Friend of the Sea organizations and enables its customers to trace their products by the latest coding technology.

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Since 1870, a period spanning five generations, the family has been dedicated to the cultivation of vines and the production and ageing of the best wines of La Rioja.
Knowledge accumulated over five generations, together with modern technology, love of vines and production of great wines are the pillars on which the philosophy of the Eguren family is firmly based.
A family who have always had a strong and deep-rooted conviction: “above all, we are grape growers”.
This is something that is shown every day, in the care for the earth and the vines given that great wines are achieved in the vineyard. The result: exclusive wines that are well enjoyed even by the most demanding of palates.
In total six wineries, each with their own individual style where quality plays the most significant role, something which we see reflected in the careful selection of the land, the scrupulous care of the vines, the choice of the barrels to be used...
All this with the aim of obtaining wines with character, in accordance with the family philosophy and a level of quality that does not disappoint the consumers’ expectations, both nationally and internationally.
The family and their wineries enjoy prestige both in Spain and internationally and have won several distinctions and prizes.

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Saracoglu Nuts, Snacks and Food Ltd. Co. produces "ranço" branded dried nuts and snacks in its 4.000 m2 modern manufacturing facility with the latest technology to bring its consumers tasty, healthy and long-life nuts and snacks products since 1955. Their production processes had also been approved by BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and BS EN ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System Standards,

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The story of the creation of Turkish Delight (Lokum) begins in the late 1700s, when Ali Muhiddin Hacı Bekir, confectioner to the imperial court in Istanbul, created bite-sized chunks, cooked with water, sugar, corn starch, cream of tartar and rosewater and sprinkled with powdered sugar at the Sultan’s request! The Sultan loved this new type of confection and declared it was “soft and easy to chew, a pleasure, a treat for both palate and teeth, a “happy piece!” The new sweet was hence named as “Lokum”, meaning happy piece in Turkish. It was later brought to England in the early 19th century by a tourist and was enjoyed so much to be called “lumps of delight”! Our suppliers have been following the footprints of traditional lokum making for decades with passion as a family business.